Business Email

ECO Data Premium Hosted Mailbox

Hosted mail solution are the easiest way to provide high quality e-mail service today, eliminating the need for businesses to purchase servers and deal with the hassle of maintaining and upgrading hardware on their premises. Our Zimbra service is the ultimate offsite hosted email and collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes, offering similar functionality to Microsoft Exchange but relatively cheap.


Zimbra includes a rich set of features in a fully customised 'in-the-cloud' package: dynamic webmail, shared contacts and calenders, as well as online document and spreadsheet authoring and editing capabilities, combined with our anti-virus and anti-spam filtering as standard.

  • Multiple access options: web off-line desktop or mobile
  • Full range of web-mail, IMAP, POP3 services and SMTP

  • Built-in spam filtering
  • Efficient virus scanning
  • Calendar and collaboration platform that integrates with Outlook
  • Thunderbird and other mail applications
  • Synchronised for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more...

Access Zimbra mail in the office or on the go

Our Zimbra hosted mail offers convenient anytime access via the web, off-line or mobile, including full compatibility with Outlook and other popular desktop clients. Zimbra mobile enables two-way, over-the-air synchronisation of mail contacts and calendar between mobile devices and our Zimbra mail server. Supported mobile devices for Zimbra mail include Blackberry, Palm, Windows mobile, iPhone and Android. But don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself!