About Us

Our Eco Ideology

A bit about the company...

ECO Data Centre has been based in Tauranga, in New Zealand’s beautiful Bay of Plenty, since its inception in 1999. At that time it was known as NetSmart, and over the years it grew to be the largest ISP in the Bay of Plenty and surrounding area, not only providing web services but also rural broadband Internet access over our self-built wireless network. In 2016 with the sale of the wireless network to another regional ISP, we re-branded and re-focused our attention on providing a state of the art data centre and improving its green credentials.

Our staff in Tauranga comprises administration, marketing, and the team that keeps our network and data centre up to date and operational 24/7. Our offices are located separately to our datacentre...

What about the eco-responsibility?

We achieve lower environmental impact than typical data centres by reducing energy costs and contributing in a positive way to the natural environment.

Our facility is lit by LED lighting, which has a significant energy saving over fluorescent strips.

Computers generate a lot of heat, which is removed from the facility using forced fresh air rather than refrigerant-cooled air except when outside temperatures are particularly high.

When we source new servers and components, we try to minimise energy consumption as much as possible. We also use virtualisation to reduce the number of servers required, thereby decreasing energy demands.

Being based in New Zealand, we already have reasonably low energy impact. According to government statistics, in 2014 80% of New Zealand's electricity generation came from renewable resources.

We made the decision in 2016 to offset the remaining unavoidable environmental impact by making regular donations to a native tree planting charity.